beppe baffi

Beppe Baffi comes from a family of long time restorers and carpenters. As a child, he used to spend hours in the family shop to smell the different scents of aged woods and waxes manually produced following old traditions.

Upon graduating in furniture design in 1989 he opened a showroom with a wide range of authentic antique furniture – unique pieces from different ages, such as the 17th to early 20th century, in a vast selection of measures and types. As a fine connoisseur of styles and wood, he identifies the authenticity of each piece.

Beppe Baffi combines design with his love for preservative restoration that his family handed down to him. He selects only vintage wood and nails and exclusively uses natural products that are not chemical nor toxic. To this day he prepares shellac in his shop himself, following old methods that require a slow and hours-long process.

Only in this way does the restored furniture gain that shiny look and a surface soft to the touch, that texture that modern products fruitlessly try to achieve.

Upon entering his shop, time stops and everything recalls the old times – his great-grandfather’s old work tools, colourful jars with handmade iron nails on the shelves, waxes, various paints and powders and small and precious pieces of antique wood, which are carefully and finely handled to then be used as replacement parts for preventive restorations.

The passion for this job drives Beppe Baffi to carry on his family tradition and continue to expand his business, also thanks to his wife Ivana’s help. Beppe Baffi represents the love for what will always be alive, like wood that shrinks and expands depending on temperature and humidity but never changes its natural and warm appeal that only the products of the earth have.

Passion drives people and creates, but it also allows to preserve amazing pieces of history and life for the future generation.

Our services

  • Antique furniture and tailored furniture
  • Restoration of antique furniture
  • Modern furniture, interior design and renovation

We design interiors – kitchens, bathrooms, bedrooms, etc.– with both modern and classic furniture. What makes us stand out is designing modern spaces by adding an antique item to taste. This peculiarity creates a home that is always up to date and never boring.

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